UAB "VudVa" offers following services to its customers:

  • Production of facade decoration planks, boards, timber for construction (see the list on the left for more information);
  • Dyeing of facade boards;
  • Drying of the wood;
  • Impregnation of wood (deep, vacuum impregnation; green or brown color);
  • Shaving of the wood;
  • Gathering various sizes and types of wood production for the customer (for example making a full complect of all the elements needed for a whole house. A complect is prepared, painted, safely packed and transported to the exact place);
  • Transportation or shipment of productio to any place for the customer;

From now on, we also offer:

  • Fixing our production at the construction site;
  • We offer our customers and other companies to dry their wood at our facilities;
  • We paint and repaint new and old facades;
  • Assembling and fixing of terraces, fences for our customers;

Now - everything is in one place. From manufacturing and painting to transporting and assembling.

Our specialists and workers will be pleased to help you if you have any special requests or questions.






Private Limited Liability Company "VudVa"



Our company is widely known in Lithuania and is located in a comfortable and advantageous geographical spot. It is based in Western Lithuania, town of Kretinga, not far away from well known historical place of Kretinga Winter Garden. All year ice-free Lithuanian harbor  – Klaipėda is just 20 kilometers away, which enables our production to be shipped fast to any place in the world. Production in Lithuanian territory is transported with vehicles.






UAB “VudVa” started its activities back in 1995. At the beginning the company was producing wood for construction purposes to export it to the Great Britain, Germany and Denmark. Since there was no demand in Lithuania for this kind of production, 100 % of it was exported.


In 1998 UAB “VudVA“ changed its work profile. It became the first company in Lithuanian producing rough surface façade planks. Experience and recommendations of Scandinavian specialists were considered and realized in practice. First buildings covered with company’s rough façade planks are still in a perfect shape to this day without any changes, renovation or repainting. These buildings are standing in a humid and windy environment in Lithuanian seaside. This kind of facades are the most popular in Scandinavia, so the production of our company is used by construction companies, which are building houses and export them to Norway.  




Now UAB „VudVa“ offers a wide spectrum of facade planks, wood for construction, fences, floor, terraces etc. You can find more information in other parts of the website. Monthly sales of the company are up to 20 thousand square meters of just facade planks.


In our production process all quality requirements are considered and met: the wood is processed and prepared in certified and modern hothouses according to special programs and temperature regimes, new and up-to-date equipment is used in the production process.   


In 2007 UAB “VudVa” opened a painting workshop, in which the production can be painted in mechanical way with the color desired by our clients. Only Finnish paint of the highest standard is used in the process. It extends the life and good look of our production and saves money and time for our customers.


If you are interested in our production, don’t hesitate to browse our website and contact us.