There is a trend to decorate the facades with Larch boards, to use Larch for terraces, because it is considered a highly valuable and good quality, long serving wood. Larch is very popular in Europe and Scandinavia.


In Lithuania it is considered as a luxurious material, because of quite high price. However, this is a very good material, which is divided into many categories, considering the number of knags in the wood. Larch attracts attention because of its solid look. The color depends on the region and the soil, in which this fabulous wood had grown, before being cut. Larch is very resistant to humidity and harmful effect of the atmosphere, because it has much of resin in it.



We welcome your inquieries and requests about the Larch production. We will try to meet all demands you may have about the measurements, style or profiles of the production you may like to request. Do not hesitate to contact us.




An example of a Larch facade, that we have made for a furniture sales center in Klaipėda, Lithuania.