UAB “VudVa” is producing rough and plane surface façade planks from Siberian spruce, pine and larch. We were the first ones in Lithuania, who started producing façade planks with rough surface back in 1998 and we got convinced that this production tend to long-live and handle the most severe climate conditions. Rough surface planks are widely used in Scandinavia, recognized by Western and Baltic coast Lithuania and now this façade tool is getting more and more recognition in other parts of Lithuania too.

            At first, timber for planks goes through a cycle of drying in the hothouses. Then it goes through the splitting process, where the planks get their first roughness. Then the planks, using machines, are given the shape and profile demanded specifically by an individual customer. When the wood is split, its pores open and after the wood is painted, they are filled with paint and that is the secret what makes façade planks with rough surface to be in a perfect shape for 15-20 years. These planks can be used for the whole façade or only for some parts, for example in combination with bricks or clinker. Matching the colors nicely can make your house look warm and cozy.

Rough surface planks are in advantages over the traditional shaved surface planks because:

  • By shaving the surface of the plank, its pores are closed and paint cannot fully penetrate the pores of the wood, what makes the shaved surface planks valid for longer than five years;
  • Plain surface façade planks are getting grey from the impact of sun and atmosphere, so they have to be repainted quite often. It requires additional costs of labor and paint.

So, our specialists recommend choosing the wooden façade of rough surface as a reliable long-term decoration of your house façade. Many architects agree with that and tend to use this material for their projects more and more.


          Here are the profiles we offer:


 1. Scandinavian type (rough surface)


This profile is widely used in Scandinavia, Canada, the USA. Usually rough surface for the planks is used, although it can be shaved, if desired by the customer. This profile was number one selling of our company in 2003 and 2006 and keeps being very popular until now. Various measurements of width can be chosen: 85mm, 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm. Optimal width – 135 mm, which looks the best from architectural point of view and looks very nice in a decoration with clinker as well. Planks with greater width are mainly used for bigger buildings.


2. Wave (Banga); surface can be both, rough and shaved


This profile is used for important or luxury type of buildings, churches. Various widths are possible.


Possible widths: 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm

Thickness – 19 mm,

Most popular and considered as the best – the width of 185 mm


3. “Norwegian” plank


There are two A and B types. This is a typical Norwegian style. That is why we named it. The surface can be both rough and shaved. More popular type among customers is the type “A”, although in the end it does not look so different from type “B” when the house is done. This type is widely used by companies, building and exporting houses to Norway. The width of 135 mm is the most popular.


Possible widths: 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm
Thickness: 19mm



4. “Swedish” plank


Rough and shaved surfaces possible. Very popular type in Sweden, gaining recognition in Lithuania. Mostly rough surface is ordered, because of the advantages it offers.


Possible widths: 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm
Thickness: 19mm



5. Classical plank


This profile is the most popular in Lithuania for many years, that is why it is called classical. May be both rough and shaved surface. Most widely used width – 135 mm. The number one selling profile in 2004, keeps being popular until now. Type “B” fits more for wider plank (160 mm or wider). Type “B” is different because on the side we make the ornament. Looks best with width of 185mm.



6. Roof planks


Can be rough or shaved.


Possible widths:95mm, 120mm, 140mm,

Thickness: 19mm



7. Lumber imitation


According to the desire of a customer, it can be made with rough or either shaved surface. This profile can be used for both horizontal and vertical fixing. A house with these planks resembles a house made of lumber or cubic logs. It fits perfectly for a house in natural landscape, next to the woods, lakes. Various widths can be ordered.


Possible widths: 85mm, 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm
Thickness: 19mm



 8. Log imitation (spherical)


Only shaved surface is possible. Fits for both outside and indoor decoration. Good choice for summerhouse, chalet or a house built in a natural landscape.


Standard measurements:

Width: 135mm
Thickness: 20mm



9. Turned log imitation


A house decorated with this profile resembles a house made of round, turned logs. Perfect for saunas, summerhouses, chalets, houses in a natural landscape. Gives a special look for your house.


Width: 135mm
Thickness: 35mm



10.  Rhomb form planks


Both rough and shaved surfaces are feasible. These planks are fixed in that way, that spaces are left between planks, through which the air is freely circulating. This type is widely used for light construction houses, garages. Also used for summerhouses, fences. This type is special, because when it rains, the air is circulating but raindrops are not getting in.


Possible widths: 95mm, 120mm, 140mm, 170mm, 195mm,
Thickness: 19mm




           Not so often, but sometimes facades are decorated with planks, fixed vertically. We are offering three different types of vertically fixed façade planks. They were quite popular in the Lithuanian seaside, the Curonian Spit, for old, historical wooden houses.  The surfaces of these profiles can be both rough and shaved.



      Here are some vertically fixed facade plank profiles:




11.  Rough and shaved surface decoration for vertical fixing


Widths: 85mm, 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm
Thickness: 19mm



12.  “Nida” planks for vertical fixing


Rough surface is more popular.

Possible widths: 85mm, 110mm, 135mm, 160mm, 185mm, 210mm
Thickness: 19mm


13.  Rough and shaved surface decoration for vertical fixing


Various types are feasible, considering the desires of the customer or the image of the architect.


Possible widths: 45, 70, 95, 120, 145, 170, 195, 220mm
Thickness: 19mm


21. Rough and shaved surface decoration for vertical fixing


Used as a decoration element, for example, for the corners of the house.


Possible widths: 145mm, 170mm, 195mm
Thickness: 19mm