Indoor planks are manufactured from Northern Spruce or Pine wood. The type of wood depends on your choice. The production meets the highest quality, packed into polythene, which saves the wood from humidity and harmful effect of the dreadful weather during the storage and transportation. Wood for indoor decoration is getting trendy, especially for decorating the ceiling, lofts, attics, etc. This is the most ecological material that is used for indoor decoration. It provides You with a cozy and warm feeling being inside your warm and ecological house.


Spruce planks:

Thickness – 11 mm                                                                                                                

Width – 96 mm                                                                                                              

Length (optional)  – 2,7m; 3,3m; 3,6m; 4,2m; 4,8m


Pine planks:

Thickness – 12 mm;

Width – 121mm;

Length (optional) – 2,7m; 3,3m; 3,6m; 4,2m; 4,8m; 5,4m