In 2007 UAB “VudVa” has acquired industrial dyeing machine. This equipment enables us to paint both rough and shaved surface production. There are many advantages of timber painted directly at our facilities:

  • Wood is transported to painting line directly from manufacturing line, therefore the timber is not exposed to adverse atmospheric conditions, such as rain, sun, etc;
  • According to technological requirements, at first, the wood is covered with the first layer by special coating (impregnation), which fills the pores and keeps the wood safe from adverse climate damages;
  • When the coating has dried, the wood is covered with high quality Finnish acrylic paint for the first time. The planks are fully and equally covered and sent to dry again;
  • After approximately two hours, when first layer has dried up, the planks are covered with paint for the second time from all sides;
  • By following this procedure at our facilities, long life of the production is guaranteed, customers save their time. Planks, painted at our facility, afterwards can be fixed in the construction site at any time and any weather conditions.



Many people are still using old dyeing techniques, painting wood by themselves. But in order to do so efficiently, you need to have a place for wood to dry and good weather conditions, especially in spring and autumn. Dyeing the planks at UAB “VudVa” ensures from 30 up to 50 percent longer life span of production compared to dyeing by hand at “home conditions”. The façade does not need to be repainted or renovated for 15-20 years, if it has been painted following strict processes and using high quality paints, as we do here, at UAB “VudVa”. After 15-20 years, repainting your façade with the same color, your house will still look like new. The biggest mistake that people tend to make is to fix non-impregnated and not painted planks on the house and to leave them for some time, and only then to paint the facade. It is a big mistake and shortens the life of the façade. At UAB “Vudva” you can order your façade planks to be just impregnated, or impregnated and painted just one time and do the rest of the work by yourself.