It is now very popular in Lithuania to build comfortable terraces next to houses, summerhouses, saunas or chalets. UAB “VudVa” offers several profiles of terrace planks, terrace elements (such as railing, balks under the terraces). Terrace planks can be made from spruce or larch. The most popular are 35mm thick, 145mm of width, shaved planks with rounded edges. Some clients demand the planks of this size, but surface being profiled, not shaved. We also make boards of 95 and 120mm of width, if required by the customer. Larch terrace boards are 28mm of thickness, 120 and 145 mm of width. It is not a problem to make boards of even 45 mm of width.


Here are the profiles we offer:



Preparation and painting

Boards for terrace are dried. Usually, they are ordered impregnated (brown color). Impregnated terraces are long serving. Since acquisition of dyeing line, in our premises we can paint your terrace with high quality, special impregnates and paints particularly for terraces, which will make your terrace look nice and serve very long. The paint protects the terrace from fungus, bacteria, changes of color, etc. Larch terraces require special attention and care, if you want to keep its great look. These terraces need to be covered with special and expensive impregnates and paint. The life of a larch terrace will not suffer even if it is not painted, but the terrace will certainly lose its esthetical appearance. After a year, the terrace will get grey-black and then even using impregnates or paint, it is not possible to be bring back the old good look of the terrace.



Terraces boards are fixed with two woodscrews at the ends of the board on top of the balks. The balks should be positioned every 60-80 centimeters under the terrace. If the distance is longer, the terrace might swing.


Terraces with shaved surface are more popular, because they are easier to look after. Profiled surface boards for terraces are used mainly for terraces next to the saunas or for paths next to the ponds, that when it gets wet, the terrace or the path would not get slippy.


Some examples of the terraces we have made: