A few recommendations for our customers:



  • When transporting wood, while it is snowing or raining, we recommend wrapping or covering it with polyethylene or tilt, in order to keep the wood from direct humidity; 
  • You can trust the transportation to us and avoid unnecessary problems;


  • Boards or dried wood should be stocked in a way, that it would not get the direct contact with a damp ground;
  • Under severe weather conditions, we recommend to cover the wood, in order it would not get the humidity straight from the top;


Good, high quality paint prevents wood from harmful effects of humidity and direct sunlight. A good combination of colors, can make your house look fascinating.

Kinds of paint you can choose:

  • Transparent paint;
  • Glazed (clear) paint;
  • Pigment paint;
  • Coating paint;
  • Acrylic and oil-color paint;

The boards need to be painted at least two times. The best would be to cover them with special priming before painting. The boards can be painted the second time, when they are already fixed on the house.

We offer dyeing services at our plant, where the boards are painted in accordance with all necessary requirements and  using only the highest quality Finnish paint (“Tikkurila” brand). You just need to pick your colour



  • The best way to fix boards is using the woodscrews;
  • Woodscrews can be covered too, in order to hide them;
  • To ensure a long use of your façade, at least 3 cm of space between thermal isolation and boards has to be left, to provide sufficient ventilation;

If you have any further questions, regarding various issues like quality, transportation, painting, fixing, renovating etc, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.