UAB "VudVa" offers following services to its customers:

  • Production of facade decoration planks, boards, timber for construction (see the list on the left for more information);
  • Dyeing of facade boards;
  • Drying of the wood;
  • Impregnation of wood (deep, vacuum impregnation; green or brown color);
  • Shaving of the wood;
  • Gathering various sizes and types of wood production for the customer (for example making a full complect of all the elements needed for a whole house. A complect is prepared, painted, safely packed and transported to the exact place);
  • Transportation or shipment of productio to any place for the customer;

From now on, we also offer:

  • Fixing our production at the construction site;
  • We offer our customers and other companies to dry their wood at our facilities;
  • We paint and repaint new and old facades;
  • Assembling and fixing of terraces, fences for our customers;

Now - everything is in one place. From manufacturing and painting to transporting and assembling.

Our specialists and workers will be pleased to help you if you have any special requests or questions.