UAB “VudVa” production is made from Siberian Spruce and Larch, a part of production – from high quality Lithuanian timber. For façade decoration planks Siberian Spruce is used. Lithuanian wood is mainly used for construction purposes, carcasses.

Wood must be well dried before it is processed and being used in construction site. UAB “VudVa” dries wood in six certified hothouse cameras, which meet all European Union requirements. The hothouses are computer-operated and automated. Wood undergoes special regular temperature regimes.

  • Façade boards, terrace boards, constructional wood, fences and fence elements are dried up to 16 – 18% of dampness.
  • Indoor decoration planks are dried up to 10-12% of dampness.
  • Floorboards are dried up to 8-10% of dampness.



Well-dried wood:

  • Does not get mould;
  • Does not rot;
  • Becomes resistant to dampness;
  • Does not split, deform;
  • Is much more resistant to the harmful effect of direct sunlight;
  • Gets two times harder and firmer than non-dried wood;

For board production and for modular house production non-dried wood is strictly forbidden.

It is thought that wood, left to dry outside in the summer will get dry too. And really, it might show that the dampness is 18%, as it is required. But, like this, the wood will not get the qualities, which it would get being dried in a hothouse. When the autumn comes, the wood, which is dried outside, will increase its dampness again, so it will be like a sponge, in other words, it will “move", as well as it will still be exposed to damages, caused by bacteria, mould and fungus. All this can be avoided by drying the wood in hothouses, with computerized temperature regimes. Then it does not even need to be impregnated with antiseptics.

After drying, the wood is sorted by measurements and its future purpose and goes to manufacturing workshops.

Sawdust that is left after timber processing is used for heating the company’s premises and hothouses. Big amounts of sawdust are sold to companies, which produce ecological fuel pellets.