Our company offers a wide range of timber for various construction purposes:
  • For the construction of walls
  • Constructions of roof
  • Balks for fixing the roof
  • Planks for decking the roof
  • Construction of balconies
  • Wood for carcass and modular houses production
  • Various widths and profiles of timber, as desired by a customer can be ordered

Production is made mainly from high quality Lithuanian wood. Some Russian wood is used too. If desired by the customer, timber can be:

  • Raw, not dried
  • Dried
  • Dried, calibrated
  • Dried, shaved
  • Impregnated (green and browns colors available)


There is a possibility to purchase just cut, not dried wood for construction. Although, the demand for non-dried tends to decrease. Raw wood, even if being cheaper, has many disadvantages, compared with dried wood:

  • Raw wood may start getting blue under bad weather
  • Raw wood is vulnerable to woodworms, mould or fungus
  • Raw wood is less resistant to bending
  • If the wood is dried under natural conditions, it loses stability, twists, splits apart

If the raw, non-dried wood is used, for instance, for roof constructions, the house might look good, but when the roof will dry, the woodscrews will move and get lose. This can cause serious damages for the house. So, we strongly recommend using only dried wood for your constructions.


The most popular in Lithuania is dried (16-20%) – dried calibrated type of wood. Timber, which is dried in the certified hothouses (thermally processed), is stable, withstands heavy loads (up to 2,5 times compared with raw wood). There is no doubt that dried wood is serves much longer that the raw one. For carcasses and modular houses only dried wood is used. Our dried wood meets all Lithuanian quality standards, which are identical to European standards, graded C-16, C-24.